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I offer podcast coaching to established entrepreneurs & solopreneurs who wish to share their soul-aligned message and make a powerful impact in their communities and networks.


Demetria Zinga- Podcast Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Hi, I’m Demetria

I’m an avid podcaster since 2005 (you read that right, I’ve got over 17 years of podcasting under my belt!) and I am ecstatic about sharing this medium to women entrepreneurs.

I aim to amplify voices of inspiring women worldwide.

My goal is to help you be true to your soul-aligned message, rise up in your calling, find your voice, speak your truth, and bless the world.

If you’ve been looking for a streamlined way to get your podcast launched with a team of professional women who understand your needs as a service provider or creative, or you need to learn how to grow your brand through the power of podcasting, then I’m here for you.


Let me help you amplify your voice and grow your network.

Many years I ago, I just wanted to share my truth and TRULY connect with my audience, but I needed to first…

✔️Figure out how to deliver my message

✔️Learn how to grow an audience that truly cares about my message

✔️Create a system to deliver my message effectively

✔️Figure out how to keep growing my audience

✔️Learn how to deliver constant, action-packed content for my growing audience!

I LEARNED that I could do all of this through the art of PODCASTING!

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Ready to make an impact with your unique voice and message?

 If you’ve decided “Hey, Demetria…I’m ready to launch my podcast. Give me your BEST program!“…then I’ve got the answer for you!

I help you from start to finish, making the technology simple and the process fluid. My goal is to help you elevate your soul-aligned message and do it in a way that’s easiest for you.