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In this week’s episode, I want to help take you from zero to done with your podcasting endeavors. No more procrastinating! Here is your podcast launch checklist that will help you move forward quickly.

Remember your why

Why did you start your podcast, again? Remind yourself of the reason you enjoy doing this work. Is it to help people solve a problem? Grow your audience? Monetize your message with brand deals and sponsorships?

Check out episode 3 about finding your podcast purpose, and this will help you to further investigate your “why”.

Think like your customer avatar

One of the best ways to relate to your customer is to think like them. What are some of their pain points? Their desires? What keeps them up at night? What do they wish they could do differently? How do they wish to change their circumstances?

As you start to ask yourself questions that your customer is probably asking themselves, you’ll think more and more like them.

Pick up your podcasting checklist here…

Launch Confidently Podcasting Checklist- Podcast Coach

Remember to show up to serve and support

I’m going to offer you a podcast launch checklist that you can download to accompany this episode, and one of the best ways to implement what’s on this list, is simply to show up and serve.

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Making time in your schedule each week to record and publish a podcast episode will prove beneficial to you and your audience. You’re going to enjoy serving them and they are going to love hearing from you. But you have to know your why first and think the way they do.

Don’t overthink, just do it

Of course, part of this podcast launch checklist is to remind you not to overthink the entire process, but simply get into action. Just do it! You know your material, you understand your mission. Now it’s time to jump in and do the work of reaching your audience and helping them out the best you can with your content.

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Thanks for listening, friends, and I’ll be back next week with more tips for you on my podcast about podcasting!