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Recently I created a video and blog post called “What is a podcast?” But assuming you are well aware of podcasting (and probably have a few of your own favorite subscriptions), you might be wondering about the phrase “soul podcasting”.

I coined this term because it was the closest thing to what I could think of that would explain what I think it means to share your heart-aligned message with your unique audience…from your soul. Here are 5 basic tenets of what I believe soul podcasting consists of.

Podcasting with purpose

When you start a podcast, you start with a purpose. Questions to ask yourself are “What is my mission?” and “What do I seek to accomplish with my podcast?” To receive the best return on your podcasting investment, this is the first and main question to ask yourself.

Sharing your truth

Whenever you start a podcast, you have the unique ability to share your truth to many listeners worldwide. This is probably the most exciting part of podcasting, at least for me. Sharing my message authentically and with personal flavor and flair frees me to be myself. Whenever you’re “soul podcasting”, you free yourself to be yourself!

Delivering your message

What is the core message of your assignment? Your podcast and all of its many episodes should have an underlying core message. Whether this is how you want your audience to feel, or the takeaways you want them to walk away from your podcast with.

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Podcasting with Passion

Learn to love what you talk about, what you do, and what you bring to the table. Embracing your position as a podcast host means you are passionate about your topic, your mission, and your message.

Sharing until the mission is complete and is over

Lastly, remember to be consistent, bring value, show up, and don’t backtrack. Podcasting is all about continuing to share your message until the time you no longer feel you have anything additional to say. When all has been said, then your mission is complete. In which case, you can either hang up your podcasting mic, or start a new one!

Thanks for listening, friends, and I’ll be back next week with more tips for you on my podcast about podcasting!