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Hey friends, on this week’s show, we are talking about what it means to begin building a tribe for your podcast.

1. Become the leader your listeners are looking for.

Now that you have begun your podcast, you obviously have content that you want to share and that you feel that you have some expertise in, and your listeners are looking to you for those particular answers. This is why they’re subscribed to your podcast. It’s why they look forward to your episodes when you release them.

So just becoming that leader is really as simple as you taking that step to create your podcast. So what you’re doing as a leader is offering answers. You are essentially:

  • creating solutions for your listeners
  • offering hope

You want to give your listeners the idea that they too can do whatever it is you’re encouraging them to do, and that there is hope that you can help them in some way, either through the podcast or in addition to the podcast. This is how you begin building your tribe, through gaining trust.

2. Guide your listeners through their journey to their next steps.

As their leader, it’s your job to lead your listeners through the series of steps that they’ll need to take in order to come to the final destination that you want them to arrive at. Help your listeners to get through their journey, taking all those necessary steps and leading them along the way.

They need a guide and you are that guide. So this what your podcast provides. Your podcast is available to give valuable information (although not necessarily free). Make sure that you are solving their problems in some capacity.

3. Create social community.

Keep in mind that building community is how you’re going to actually build your tribe. You can make good use of social media (like Instagram or Facebook). Just be sure to find your community of people where your listeners are likely going to be hanging out and spend time there so that you can cultivate relationships with people and hopefully get them interested in what you’re doing with your podcast.

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Another way to create community is to build a membership site. So one thing that I’m working on right now is making a decision between whether or not I want to begin a membership site or if I wanted to simply create a Patreon page. (I eventually settled on a BuyMeACoffee page.) A Patreon page is really just going to give your listener an opportunity to support you financially with a small investment. You’re likely to feel some sense of community and support through your Patreon.

Although I haven’t created a membership site up to this point (but will very likely in the near future), I like to recommend to others. If that’s where you are in your business or in your organization, then creating a membership site outside of using socials like Facebook groups and such, you’re very likely going to be able to keep in touch with your listeners more frequently and have more of an ability to manage what that membership site feels like and the things that you actually want to accomplish within that group.

So those are some ways that you can build out a tribe for your podcast because you want to make sure that as you’re podcasting, you don’t feel like you’re left out here on your own to just come up with content yet not ever hear any feedback or support.

Creators deserve to receive some support for the work that we put out. So as we’re creating these resources and putting out content, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for support from our listeners, and so I encourage you to do that.

One of my bigger podcasts, which was my Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast, is where I was able to build the most community over the years. That particular niche gave me an audience that was a lot more receptive to wanting to communicate, collaborate, and get together and have meetups. Within that community, there tends to be a lot of summits and collaborative events online. As we homeschool moms were getting together to encourage each other in what we’re doing as teachers and as moms, that community led to a very vibrant type of networking and collaboration. So building a community there was a little bit easier for me, I would say, than some of the other projects I’ve worked on.

It’s just something to think about. As you build out your podcast, how are you going to engage your listeners? How are you going to create community and how are you going to set up your podcast in such a way that you feel that you are honored for the work that you’re doing? How are you going to give your audience an opportunity to support you in some fashion?

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That said, as I’ve been thinking about creating this Patreon page, I’ve also been thinking about items that I could drop ship, that I could create so that my listeners would have an opportunity to support me in a variety of ways. Purchasing mugs and t-shirts would be helpful to them and help them to remember what it is that I’m doing for them and vice versa, so we can all feel more connected with each other

I would love to hear about some of the things that you’re planning to do to create community and build your tribe.

Will you be creating a crowdfunding page like on Patreon? Will you create products on Etsy or Shopify?

I hope that this show is encouraging you somehow to keep going with the podcast that you’re working on now and not to give up because you are encouraging your listeners with your project.

So keep on keeping on, and until next time, happy podcasting.


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