If you haven’t been feeling confident about sharing your expertise, I aim to help you on this episode to launch a podcast with confidence.

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You don’t have to be perfect at doing all the “podcasting things”. You really just need to be very passionate and have some tools and know-how in your back pocket. The best way to launch a podcast with confidence is to be yourself and be authentic to who you are, all while continuing to grow and expand your mind. You will feel so much more capable of doing the work of podcasting if you do the following things.

Take an assessment of your skills and be confident in what you know

Be confident in what you know. Remember that the reason you are starting a podcast is because you are passionate about sharing your knowledge. Again, you don’t. have to know it all, and you don’t have to be an “expert”, but the knowledge that you do have is valuable enough that you want to share it with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to explore what you don’t know and expand your skills

Expanding your skillsets as an entrepreneur is possibly one of the most important things you do for self-development. The more you learn about your craft, the more comfortable you will become talking about it on your podcasts. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to know everything there is to know right off the bat. As your podcast grows, you will naturally become more comfortable with your topic. Don’t be afraid to explore and keep learning.

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Choose the recording and hosting tools you’re comfortable with

Nothing will discourage you more in podcasting than to work with tools you don’t like. Get comfortabe with your podcasting tools and begin to develop processes that are streamlined just for your work. If you like your tools, you will like the podcasting process. If you want to feel like continuing your podcasting adventure each week, you’ll need tools that you actually like working with. If your tools are cumbersome or difficult, you won’t podcast. Good tools are essential and foundational for a successful podcast. Check out some of my favorite podcasting tools here on my article about how to start a podcast.

Know how you will market your message once it’s released

What marketing tactics will you use to spread the word of your podcast? Personally, I appreciate Instagram and Facebook, and I’m always developing SEO-rich content on my blogs and sharing on Pinterest as well.

With over 2.5 million podcasts listed in Apple Podcasts, the only way to truly grow your show is to spread the word yourself.

So, will you share with your email list? Will you ask your audience to share, and how? When you launch a podcast, remember that each episode deserves to be shared, so go ahead and place that part in your marketing routines: the sharing part. Don’t forget to share.

Launch a podcast with passion

When you began podcasting you had a special message to share with your audience. Whether you encourage them to eat healthier, manage their finances more wisely, or built more meaningful relationships, you should always remind yourself of why you began the show. What was your drive to create your show? Tap into this zeal once in a while when you feel that the going is getting tough.

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I truly hope you find the process of finding your podcast purpose enjoyable! I want to help you along that journey with my free Business Clarity Guide (grab the download below)…

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Thanks for listening, friends, and I’ll be back next week with more tips for you on my podcast about podcasting!