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What’s podcast branding all about and how can you get started?

Welcome to Soul Podcasting where I help you to share your message and make an impact in your community through the power of podcasting. This podcast is sponsored by Faith Media and Impact Podcast Coach, a service that supports women podcasters to boldly share their voices and their powerful messages through the medium of podcasting. Find out more about our podcast coaching services and courses.

In this episode, I share the importance of podcast branding. Podcasting is a key player in connecting with audiences and as CEOs, we can recognize the significance of content in business endeavors, especially in the virtual online business landscape. In this episode, I want to encourage you to position yourself in the world of podcasting, and in this show I offer my VIP podcaster Power Launch Program to assist entrepreneurs in planning, producing, launching, and growing podcasts.

Why I’m passionate about podcasting

I talk about podcasting with so much passion and with experience because I have experienced what podcasting means for me personally and also for my business at Her Business Elevated and my ministry at Christian homeschool moms. Podcasting has opened up all kinds of opportunities for my family, for speaking engagements, for being a representative, being a brand ambassador, as well as being able to go to conferences and conventions. It’s also paid me through sponsorships, books sales, and product and service launches. Depending on what niche I was in, that’s where I was able to make a mark on that particular audience and industry.

I love talking about podcasting because I think it’s going to be very helpful for you if you should decide to incorporate a podcast into your business. So on this episode, we’re going to be talking about podcast branding, and how to go about doing that exactly. Here are the main points we’ll discuss:

  • What is the purpose of your show and your intent?
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Developing your competitor analysis
  • Creating your beautiful branding visuals

What is podcast branding?

When building a brand, it’s important to consider not only the product and service but also the content associated with it. I view a podcast as a major staple for many businesses and highlight its potential to attract niche audiences. The podcast can be a significant part of the overall brand.

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When we’re building a podcast brand, typically we’re thinking about our product and service, and sometimes we fail to remember that when we’re building our content (and our business), our content is going to play a significant part in our business endeavors, especially virtually. So as we’re building out, we have to think about how we want to represent our business online. And when you have a huge piece of content, such as a podcast, a podcast is a major staple for many businesses.

You want to look at a podcast as a huge staple in your business.

Podcasting statistics

The number of people actively tuning into podcasts is expected to reach 103.6 million in 2023 in the United States alone and there are 464.7 million podcast listeners globally as of January 2023. That is a 5.4% annual increase and represents one-third of the US population!

Podcasting is not getting any smaller and it’s been around for ages, but it’s just now starting to really get another launch and lift off. These statistics highlight the growing popularity of podcasts and the potential audience reach for podcasters.

What is the purpose of your show?

Let’s talk about purpose. What is the purpose of your show? Why are you starting your show? This is going to give you the momentum and the foundation first of all, and then the momentum to keep going with building out your podcast. You have to be very aware of your main intent. When you know who you’re serving, when you know why you’re doing it, it’s going to affect the way you brand your podcast, and it’s also going to affect the momentum that you have afterward.

Figure out your main intent. (This is what I love to call “soul podcasting“). Is your main goal to:

  • entertain
  • encourage
  • teach

Who is your niche market?

These are all the buzzwords that we’re using, but you want to know who you’re talking to. So you kind of have to have a picture of the ideal person that you want to be talking to on your show each week.

  • What did they look like?
  • What did they do for a living?
  • What did they think?
  • What are their problems?
  • What are their pain points?

Sit down with a coach and grab my workbook that takes you through the concepts of thinking through your podast branding. Grab it below…

Download your Podcasting Checklist

Podcasting Checklist

Recently, I’ve been reading a book by Christy Wright called Business Boutique and she takes her readers through that very process. Reading a business book to help you figure out what your niche market is so that you’re very clear on what your branding is supposed to be and who you’re trying to reach with your brand.

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Develop your competitor analysis

Rather than comparing ourselves to other businesses within our niche, I’m referring to a competitor analysis from a business perspective. You should want to see how you stand out from the crowd.

In order to do this, you’ll need to analyze your talents, gifts and abilities, and put it on the table and see what it is you’re offering and ask yourself how that stands out from someone else who may be offering the same thing. Get very clear on why you’re different from all the other podcasts out there and speak to that audience.

Create beautiful brand visuals

Your brand visuals will make a huge difference in the type of people that you attract to your podcast because you want to make sure that if you want to attract a certain audience that you create branding that speaks to that particular audience.

This means that you’ll be looking at your color palette, your graphics, your podcast cover art, and your fonts. Before you build out your content, get your branding in place and find designers (I use Fiverr frequently), or you can just simply do it yourself on Canva. Canva is free, through there’s a pro version, but you can basically get everything done that you need to with the free account. (There are already templates available for album art for your podcast cover. So you could just use one of those and plug in your colors and remove images you don’t want and add your image.)

I hope this helps you in feeling motivated to employ podcat branding and to really take this seriously if you’re planning to do it. Do your best, bring your best to the table, give it your all, and you’ll be pleased in the years to come with what you put out here in the universe and for the world to listen to, and when you see that you have helped so many people with your content.

So thank you for watching and listening, and have a wonderful, wonderful rest of your week, and until next time, happy podcasting.

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