Listen to “10. How to Podcast Confidently” on Spreaker.

If you’ve been wondering how to podcast confidently, just know that you are not alone. You can start by listening to the podcast or watching the video below, then keep reading for extra pointers and details to accompany my tips for you in the video.

Tap into your passions and goals

When you first start your show, you are very passionate about your topic. You’ll need this kind of passion to keep you going for the long haul (because, let’s face it, podcasting can get hard with time).

You’ll also want to ask yourself hardcore marketing questions such as: how will you market your podcast? How will more people learn about it? How will you receive engagement? These are all questions you’ll want to answer before each show so that you’ll feel confident when producing your content.

Podcast confidently by not comparing

If you want to grow a podcast you’re proud of, you’ll need to remember to be confident in your own podcasting choices. Your topics, your show format, the way you show up, the encouragement you give, and the style in which you share, are all completely yours. Therefore, there is no need to compare what you are doing with another podcast show or format. Just stick with what you know and what you’re comfortable with.

Determine your tools of choice

Back in episode 4, I shared about how to select podcasting tools that are within your comfort zone. This is a crucial step in beginning to podcast confidently: choosing the right tools. If you love your microphone and recording gear and your workstation and setup are easy to navigate, you’ll feel more confident recording your shows.

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Jump in!

This is my final tip for you. If you tap into your passion and message and jump right on in, you’ll be driven to serve the people you truly care for through your podcast. I hope I’ve encouraged you to start a podcast with confidence. You don’t have to be afraid of this process. It truly is a lot of fun once you jump into it.

Thanks for listening, friends, and I’ll be back next week with more tips for you on my podcast about podcasting!