The Podcaster Power Launch VIP Program

✔️You need to launch your podcast right away but you’re not certain about how to formulate a successful set of shows for the next year, and you might be unsure about all the tech attached to editing audios, choosing the right hosting, and submitting to directories.

✔️You want a team of professionals that understand your vibe, really get you, and can help you bring your message of truth to the table in the form of a beautifully polished podcast.

✔️You would like to launch this podcast sooner rather than later.

Introducing the …

VIP Podcaster Power Launch with Demetria Zinga

You’ll be working with a small team of designers and audio specialists, plus an extremely intuitive and caring coach (Yours Truly) whose mission and specialty is to help you craft a quality, impactful podcast for your business community and bring your message to the masses.

I created the VIP Podcaster Power Launch, a 2-week program, to jump start you to success and help creators and service providers like you to create a transformative podcast for your audience.

This is a perfect solution for business owners who are not hoping for quick, overnight cash flow from your podcast, but are rather looking to grow and scale your audience for the long-term.

This is what you’re looking for if…You have messages to share with your audience, but it feels difficult to get your audience’s attention.

  • You feel drained with relying on social media to get your message across.
  • You want to start a podcast but you feel that you lack the time and support to get it done.
  • You’re not sure where to start with a podcast- tech, editing, interviewing, outlines, so much to do!
  • You don’t have a support network to keep you consistent with podcasting.
  • You wish you had a coach and a team of professionals to help you launch and keep going with your podcasting consistently.
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This program is right for you if…

You want to podcast for both passion and profit

Although not a get-rich-quick program, we desire to see your passion podcast benefit financially.

You are committed for the long term.

If you are a patient person and can wait the test of time while applying the strategies I teach in this program, you will see your podcast grow and flourish.

You are an established and reputable business owner with a signature service or program.

Goals we create for your podcast will work best for a seasoned entrepreneur (even if your list or audience size is small). Having an audience that already trusts you for the value you bring is an important component of this program working well for you

How We’ll Do It

4 easy steps

Step 1


In this first phase, we’ll determine your ideal listener customer avatar and collab on branding ideas for your podcast name and cover art. If you don’t already have these assets available, we will create your podcast cover art for you. I’ll give you advice on recording gear and tools, conducting interviews, and support for royalty-free music selection. In this phase, we’ll also tackle your show structure and show topics, outlining your first 4 episodes, and scripting your branded intro,outro and trailer plus show description.



Step 2


I will give you over-the-shoulder guidance on audio and video editing, and our team will edit, produce, and mix your intro, outro, trailer and first 4 launch episodes. If you would like these uploaded to your personal blog as well, we are ready to write up your show notes (SEO optimized when appropriate) and embed your audios to your website. Show notes includes summary, takeaways, show graphics you provide, and resource links.




Step 3


Launch time is a beautiful experience with us! We will set up your edited and polished audio recordings to your hosting of choice and submit to all major directories, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Amazon, etc. After creating an audiogram for you, we will share with all of our social media outlets (alongside your own share schedule) and celebrate the launch of your brand new podcast! 

Get the word out, share with family, friends, and your business network,  and go have a glass (or cup) of your favorite beverage and appreciate all your hard work. You’ve launched!



Step 4


In this last phase of our time together, I will have a final meeting with you to share tips on how to grow your podcast most effectively in the months to come. We can also discuss the formulation of your audience retention strategy plan, how to continue targeting your niche market and ideal audience, and your monetization plan for future episodes. I will also share some ideas on how you can grow professionally as a podcaster.

You will also receive some bonuses for joining with me, including my Soul Podcasting Framework and Toolkit, a Guest Interview Template, and five additional swipe files to help you grow your podcast.













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